June 3, 2018
New York City
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“So little good Brazilian music comes to New York these days that it was worth a trip to Avenue C to see Emanuelle Araújo, the Bahia-born TV actress and singer, at Nublu. She had tall heels to fill in 1999 when she replaced Ivete Sangalo, Brazil’s biggest singing star, in Banda Eva. But Emanuelle can really sing, she moves like a dream, she’s a complete professional with wonderful taste, and she wears her gorgeousness lightly. She’ll be back at nublu.net on April 3.” Post of James Gavin on his Facebook profile. JG is an author, journalist and The New York Times collaborator.

One of the most expressive artists in new Brazilian Popular Music, Emanuelle Araújo will appear in her final performance at Nublu.
The repertory has songs from her first solo album O Problema and Velocidade. It lyrics were written by a new generation of composing virtuosos like Kassin, Alberto Continentino, Domenico Lancelotti and Zeca Veloso, in addition to the established Arnaldo Antunes, Paulinho Moska and Marcio Mello.